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Ciara Eilers

Ciara Eilers

Client Services Associate

Ciara Eilers

After graduating in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Financial Markets, I'm happy to begin my career as Support Advisor at Lifelong Wealth Advisors. Not only do I get to help people with one of the most important things in life, but I get to interact with them on a daily basis. I’ve always gravitated towards people and find understanding their unique ambitions interesting. Nothing could make me happier than knowing I have helped someone accomplish a goal in his/her life.

Growing up, I had a curiosity and passion for problem solving. Algebra, statistics, calculus, you name it, I’m sure I’ve taken a liking to it! I love finding patterns and discovering new ones. I feel accomplished when I put forth my best effort and I can see the results after.

Minnesota is the place for me because you get the best of both worlds, the nice people, and the beautiful views. If I’m not running around outside, I am thinking about what country I want to travel to next. So far, I’ve been to nine countries and I want to make it ten by next year! Exploring new places is important to me because I get to appreciate an entirely different way of looking at life.

Being the youngest of three, I have two older sisters whom I am constantly keeping up with. You could say we are a close family, every time I look at my phone I will find some sort of silly update from at least one of them. I like to think there is never a dull moment when you appreciate the little things.

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